Important questions to ask during virtual apartment tours

If you are looking for affordable flats & Apartments in Faridabad then you must check out the property first. However, as we are still facing different lockdowns, it has become harder to travel easily to far-off places to look at different apartments and choose one that fulfills your requirement. While you can choose with your eyes closed can put your trust in highly reputable builders who have completed their projects and are putting it in the market like the Advitya homes faridabad, for others you have to be a bit circumspect. Nowadays, virtual to of apartments is a new concept that offers you great advantages. While this is a great technological advancement, you must use it properly to get the best property for your needs. To do this you must ask some searching questions about the apartment of which you are getting the virtual tour.

1). How good the appliances are?

Appliances can make or break your experience living in an apartment; therefore, you must ask the builder/real estate agent whether all the appliances are working properly. You don’t want to get stuck with an apartment that has faulty appliances. Therefore, in a fully furnished apartment, you should first ask what is the condition of water pressure in your bathroom and kitchen. You don’t want to live in an apartment in which the water pressure is a slow trickle. You should also ask whether the oven, refrigerator, and lighting of the apartments are working properly.

2). The physical condition of the apartment

You must also carefully check the physical condition of the apartment so that everything is working perfectly. Check out the doors, the windows, the floor area, the storage area and so. Ask the builder for a specific measurement of the rooms, the bathroom, and the kitchen and if possible, you can even ask him/her to share the blueprint of the apartment. If the apartment comes fully furnished, then check all the amenities that you can use and what is their condition.

3). Is it fully finished?

Make sure that the apartment is fully completed and everything is there in its right place and no part of the apartment is still under construction. In many virtual tours, you are also given a drone shot so that you can look at the surrounding areas to figure out how good the neighbourhood is and what kind of other civic amenities are there that you can use. If there are no such drone shorts, then you can ask the real estate agent about various civic amenities that are available nearby.

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