Legal Document to Scrutinize while Buying a Property.

When you invest in Conscient Habitat flats or some other property then you have to invest a huge amount of money to gain ownership. Therefore, you must have good knowledge about the requisite legal documents related to the property that needs to be verified. When you go to a bank to get home loansfor investing in residential apartments in IMT Faridabad then they would scrutinise all the legal documents thoroughly and if there is any error, then they will reject your home loan application. Therefore, hire the services of a good lawyer who can scrutinise all the legal documents to ensure their credibility. Here is a list of documents that you need to inspect before you buy a property.

Look at the Mother Deed

This is a comprehensive documentation of the property that you are planning to buy that provides information regarding the original owner of the property. It also shows the hierarchy of the property’s transfer of ownership which shows how it has reached the current seller.

The Sale Deeds

This is also another important legal document that shows all the agreements and clauses related to the transfer of the ownership of the apartment/house/land from the current seller to the buyer. Before you make any payment for the property, make sure that the sale deed is signed and registered with the municipal authorities.

Approved Building Plan

You should check whether the builder who is selling the apartments has all the relevant approvals and permissions from the related local bodies. Some of this permission includesan approved blueprint of the property’s plan, the height of the building, the safety of facilities like the play area, and many more.

Land Conversion Certificate

The seller should have documents related to the conversion of agriculture to non-agricultural land on which the property is built.

Commencement and Completion Certificate

The builder should have the commencement and completion certificate which shows the starting of the construction date after getting all approval as well as the completion certificate after proper inspection.

In addition to these, you must also ask for the occupancy certificate, the society share certificate, the latest tax and bill receipts et cetera.


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